Some Poems About My Poetry

Restarting My Life

My life restarted in 2020
Words were released and never ceased
So many poems in my head, words of plenty
So many poems waiting to be released

Lockdown let my brain be free
Time to reflect and write
So much time for me to be me
So good again to feel right

If you are reading this, thank you
I hope my words, sad or happy
Help you see the sky of blue
And maybe even understand me.

Not A Poet

I wrote a book of poems
Trying to tell stories
Of loves and lives
But I don’t think I am a poet

I don’t write in codes
Hidden depths and hidden meanings
Is not my style
I just write about fields and roads

I wrote a book of poems
But I don’t think I am a poet

But I write I rhyme
And hope it works
When I tell a tale
On the vagaries of time

I wrote a book of poems
But I don’t think I am a poet

So, I hope my poems
Please the reader
And at times touch their heart
But I don’t think I am a poet.

A Poem Or Two

I write a poem or two
Ones of love, ones of pain
Maybe too many that are blue
If so please complain

I write what moves me
What I wish to say
I do hope you can sometimes see
And not just cast my work away

I write from my head
Dragging from my past
And often just before bed
It would be lovely if some did last.

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