The Pain of Love

The pain of love, we must all learn
That in the shadows of our heart
Where joy and happiness dance
Passions can also burn

Love brings happiness and despair
It is a cruel double-edged sword
That can wound or heal
At times it is a heavy burden for us to bear

We toss and turn in the dark of the night
Tormented by the pain of love
Hearts breaking and aching
Longing for love’s guiding light

But in the pain of love beauty lies
Even when agony runs dark and deep
When words are unspoken and tears fall
Love’s intensity makes us wise

Despite the pain love may bring
We cherish moments, bitter and sweet
We partake in its cruel game
As love is a precious gift, a sacred thing

So, let us hold love’s joy and sorrow tight
They are part of the tapestry of our being
We will live with the pleasure and the pain
For loves enduring flame is our guiding light.